Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Cumpolsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence
By: Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich believes that heterosexuality is pushed to hard in society and makes it much harder for lesbians to live a normal life.  She mentions that many lesbians have to disguise themselves to prevent from being harassed and mistreated.  Many lesbians tend to be ignored and not acknowledged enough in today’s society.  This first link I found describes how there has only been one TV show that had a main character as a lesbian, and that was Ellen DeGeneres.  I don’t think its fair to lesbians that there aren’t more shows with them as lead characters, because people like to watch shows they can relate to, and that’s much harder when you don’t live in the typical nuclear family that most shows portray.

I believe this video below has to do with a portion of #3 on the list of characteristics of male power:  Rich mentioned that men have a lot of control over contraception and childbirth.  This video shows that some insurance companies will pay for men’s Viagra but not women’s birth control, which I don’t feel is fair.

On that list of characteristics of male power, #2 talked about men raping and beating women, which reminded me a lot about the video we saw today in class.  The video mentioned that 99.8% of people in jail for rape are men!  It also said that men account for 90% of the violence in the world. 

A crack in the glass would be that some states have legalized same sex marriage, but I fell like that is'nt enough and and all states should allow lesbians to be able to marry another women if they want.

Comments/Questions for class:
For class tomorrow I want to discuss ways that lesbians can be revealed more in society that would help them feel more comfortable and give them more experiences to relate to.  Some examples I could think of would be more lead characters in shows, and maybe some things like advertisements that have lesbians also, instead of everything just being straight couples.


  1. i used yours for my extended comments blog, just to let you know haha. but good job i agree with alot that you had to say which is why i used it

  2. I love the picture you used! Too cute! Good post! The video was interesting as well

  3. I definitely agree with what you're saying about relating to something other than the typical nuclear family. I think it's a feeling of nostalgia that gets associated with such a family grouping, but it's less and less common today for people to fit this mold in reality. TV is usually guilty of being more idealistic and ignorant rather than reflecting the world as it is. I liked the McCain video. It's always funny to watch a politician squirm.